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I got a bit of a confession to make ever since I picked up the AHP alphaTIG 200X. I’ve been lurking around on Facebook groups and forums and stuff like that trying to figure out what most people want to know about this machine. So, I could put it into my review, and I can put it into a bunch of other stuff and make kind of an excellent review. So, let’s get into the deep of AHP alphatig 200x review.

The versatile and user-friendly AHP Alpha TIG 200x comes with some easy setup options, which is perfect for both the beginners and the professional welders. If you want a clean, spatter free, and waste-free weld the Alpha TIG 200x is going to be the best choice for you.

Features of AHP alphatig 200x

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2018 AHP AlphaTIG 200X Ahp Alphatig 200x User-friendly
Dual voltage
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This awesome and versatile welder is loaded with some incredible features that will definitely make you thrilled. You may be struggling to find a perfect welder with such cool features. If you are searching for an affordable and highly efficient welder for your workshop, this TIG machine is going to be the best choice for you.

You can also use this powerful TIG welding machine as a stick welder.

Includes advanced Inverter Technology

The manufacturer has included advanced inverter technology into the AHP Alphatig 200x along with a Pulse Width Modulation (PWM). It is an excellent addition in this price range as many of the highly-priced TIG welders have not included this feature.

Easy to use

There are a bunch of switches and buttons in the machine, and all of them are labeled nicely. It wouldn’t be so difficult for even a child to understand what they are for.

Dual voltage

It doesn’t matter whether you have a 110v or 220v power source in your home or workshop. It will run on either source. You should appreciate this feature in this price range.

Many people ask, will it give a quality weld on 110v power source?

Fortunately, it works well and gives a wonderful and spatter free weld on either source. You don’t need to worry about it. Using 110v, you will get 140A power output, which is great.

The output range of the machine is 10-200A, which allows you to weld ¼ inch aluminum to 3/8 inch mild steel.

You will get a 60% duty cycle at 200A for TIG and 35% for the stick at 155A. That means you can work for a long time without interval.


Though it is a TIG welder, you can also stick weld with the machine. I have done both stick and TIG with this machine, and both were awesome. Let me share my experience with you.

ahp alphatig 200x stick welding

I have used many welders to stick weld, but I found AHP Alphatig 200x is the smoothest. You will not need to try again and again to initiate the arc. A light swipe or touch is more than enough to begin the arc, and it is effortless to manipulate it.

You can turn the system into AC when it is in an excellent stick mode, and the AC hertz can also be fully charged. I just had to do that once because of arc blow, but when you need it, it is a handy feature. Not many machines would let you do that in this price range.

ahp alphatig 200x Tig welding

This unit features an HF arc start, which works great. I could weld some really thin stuff with this machine as it gives you output from only 10A to 200A. I repaired 0.20mm thick stainless steel. Though I used some tricks to finish, it was an awesome experience.

Welding ¼ inch aluminum to 3/8-inch stainless steel is not a big deal for this machine. The AC controls worked dramatically. A foot pedal allows you to control TIG welding smoothly.

Lightweight and portable

Maybe you will need to work in different places with your machine. So, it is imperative to get a lightweight machine.

It weighs only 50lbs, which is comparatively less than most of the welders with such features. Therefore, you don’t need to worry while moving one place to another with this machine.


It is an affordable machine which is under $1000. You may think, how can it be affordable? There are a lot of welders which is 200$ or 300$. But you have to think about the features the machine is offering.

Many expensive welders don’t have some features this machine has.

Other features          

The power width modulation (PWM) and IGBT technology provide a safe, efficient, robust, high-performance on both 110v and a 220-voltage power source.

The WP17 Flex Torch uses the standard TIG consumables, while for those who would like to attach the trigger to the Torch, a separate control switch is provided.


I found all the accessories with the machine was extremely good except the ground clamp. In my opinion, it was constructed cheaply. But you can replace it.

I was thrilled by the TIG torch, which is flexible to bend as your requirements. The hose makes the torch light and easy to use.

I could control the TIG welding smoothly for the foot pedal.


  • affordable
  • lightweight
  • Dual voltage
  • Versatile
  • User friendly
  • IGBT technology
  • High-end performance
  • Clean, spatter free weld
  • Arc quality is awesome
  • 3-year warranty
  • Reliable and durable

AHP alphatig 200x problems

  • Front panel switches may be confusing for the beginners
  • The ground clamp may be constructed cheaply

Watch the quick video review


  1. How much duty cycle does the unit provide?

    A. At 200A, the duty cycle is 60%, but decreasing the amperage will increase the duty cycle.

  2. How much warranty does the manufacturer give?

    3-years warranty.

  3. How many pulses does AHP alphatig 200x have?

    There are three pulses on this unit. They are settings, time, and amperage percent.

  4. What is the recommended electrode this machine will run?

    6011, 6013, 7018, and 308l are recommended. 6010 is not recommended. You can run with 6010, but you will not get a good result.

  5. Can I replace the foot pedal?

    Yes, you can.

  6. Does it have a lift start?

    It has a high-frequency start that is far better than the lift start.

  7. Which torch head does it have?

    It has a 17 flex torch head.

  8. How much thin materials can I TIG weld with this machine?

    It may sound weird, but you can even weld Pepsi cans and razor blades if you have the power to control the foot.

Final verdict

Hope you have liked our well researched article about ahp alphatig 200x review

In the last, I can say that you can use this machine for various purposes. Whether you need a TIG or stick, it is perfect for it. If you need to weld aluminum, stainless steel, or thinner gauge materials, the welder will do it for you.

It is considered to be one for the best welders for beginners, for home use, and for the professionals.   

You can invest in the AHP Alphatig 200x, and I can assure you will not regret it.

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