Top 5 Best Welder For Beginners: Ultimate Review and Buyer’s Guide

Welding may be a dangerous job. High heat and bright light are sufficient to frighten the most. Nonetheless, you have too much to learn if you are brave enough to pursue a welding job, and you are a beginner. Welding is an entirely feasible project, with plenty of information about the ancient business. 

Practical experience for learning welding is essential. It takes time and practice to get the handle on welding skills until you can use them. Here is a range of tips for beginners, in particular, that enable them to adapt to welding training more quickly and better. Here are some suggestions for beginners’ welders. let’s find out what is the best welder for beginners.

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Top 5 best welder for Beginners in 2020

The AHP AlphaTIG 200X lightweight having 50 lbs. and is, therefore, a portable welding machine for garage, studio or small shop. This machine comes with the newer nova pedal. It can weld anything from 1/4 inches aluminum to 3/8 inches mild steel, which for a TIG aluminum welder is a pretty impressive range.

AHP contains standard TIG accessories and a torch control as well as a foot pedal to facilitate the use of the TIG torch. It handles heavy currents and voltages that are particularly good to work with a metal thin.

Both professionals and beginners can use this fantastic welder as it is effortless to set up.

For precise welding on motorcycles, cars, sculptures, bronze casting and other projects where the flat area is desirable, this thin rod and the outstanding precision of the weld of this TIG welder is handy. This machine can stick thick weld materials up to half an inch or more with multiple passes.

The wider the amount of amperage the device provides, the more flexible it will be. A machine with an output range of 5-230A will allow you to weld almost anything.

This machine is mildly noisy because of the cooling fan. But it would not bother you as the noise is not loud enough.

best welder for beginners 1; ahp alpha tig


This machine has a duty cycle of 60 percent at 200A is right, but only partly accurate. On the other hand, the unit has a minimum duty cycle of 100 percent at 150A

There are three pulse settings in this machine frequency, amperage percent and time.

Yes, you can. But you will have more fun if you get a 240v outlet.

Yeah, 40A will work great but adding 50A will provide you with the full power in the stick function.



You might find that this is best for you if you’re looking for something that gives you an extensive variety of functions and still doesn’t break the bank. SUPER DEAL MIG130 Welder is a lightweight, powerful and intuitive, top of the line household welder. This welding machine is made of high-class PVC material as well as delicate treatment, and it integrates comfortable grip, smooth operation and high precision.

Cored wire, metal-inert gas which releases itself while welding, prevents the welded part from oxidizing. SUPER DEAL mig130 gives you the power to quickly and trustfully tackle the biggest jobs. Fully prepared to weld out of the box.

Settle current flow by merely customizing the 4 MIN / MAX,1/2 keys. It also has a rotary knob to adjust the wire feeding speed. For your choice, ten levels of wire feeding speeds. Full-on / off safety checking torch.

As it is lightweight, it is portable. You can use it at the home, shop, studio wherever you want. Ideal for mild steel and stainless-steel welding. It contains a 0.9 mm belt, 0.55 lbs. of welding wire, a safety mask and a brush/chip hammer. 2.5 M torch, an additional two tips and cord. What are you looking for, okay?

It also has a metal tip on the bottom of the gun which prevents creating slags during the welding process.

You will also get thermal cover, and the way this works is to provide a cooling ventilator and thermal overload protection for your project.

best welder for beginners 3;super deal pro commercial mig


Most probably not. Because this is a DC welder. You will need an ac welder to weld aluminum. But there is a trick to do so. The melting point of aluminum is low so that you can forge weld carefully. Using propane and coal in a forge, you can melt aluminum. That way, aluminum doesn’t oxidize as CO is produced instead of CO2. But we don’t encourage to do so. 

It is very compact, and it requires secure storage and is quite useful for a larger project that needs repositioning because of its portability.



If you are an amateur MIG welder looking for high-quality appliances, look at this Hobart model. It operates on the 115v standard domestic current and is fitted with a 5-position voltage regulator to ensure full power.

The Handler 140 is extremely flexible and ideal for the welder who wishes to work on car systems, home repairs, agricultural projects or yard art projects with regular 115V household current.

The fact that you can pick both your voltage and wire feed speed makes the particular units ideal for the beginners. The work is unbelievably fast from there.

When this welder is contrasted with’ similar’ welders at the local shops, the variations become apparent as soon as the box is opened.

It’s a pretty little machine and worth the money. This machine provides a broader range of voltages, a cast metal feeder and a more substantial lock.

Remember that after 8 minutes of use, the device should rest for 2 minutes. It can lead to irritation for company stainless steel employees, but the system works a lot longer until it is cut off according to the reviewers. There is an integrated security feature that keeps the device too warm.

best welder for beginners 5; hobart 500559 handler 140 mig



KickingHorse is a renowned Canadian company which produces so many professional and beginners level welding machines. It is tough to describe what an excellent piece of machinery it is. You can use your shoulder strap to take the ladder with you as high as you like strapping your suitcase.

Chiefly to secure entry-level welders, extra overheating, overvoltage and overload sensors are integrated. With a performance converter of 80 percent, this cutting-edge IGBT inverter reduces energy costs by 25 percent.

The most difficult matter for an entry-level welder is to set up and operate the machine. It is so easy to set up and operate this machine that everyone can do it very quickly. This machine is ideal for your home thanks to other features such as portability, voltage control, small size etc.

This is a quiet device, and the cord of the whips is so flexible and gentle that it is easy to use during welding. Adjusting steep voltage positions full control of the welding arc in your own hands to ensure you to achieve your desired results.

The wonders of gasless welding (flux-core), is that you can decrease heat on the arc by having a longer gap between the tip and the job. The flow still shelters the floor puddle, unlike MIG, where the puddle cannot be shielded if the nozzle is far away or windy.

best welder for beginners 7;kickinghorse f130


No, but the architecture appears to be smoking less



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This tiny welder can officially replace your 180hd Lincoln and Hobart Handler 140, because of its lightweight. You can even put it in your shoulder.

This inverter welder is fitted with a remote amp control and a LED display. The display works to make it easier to understand the power used and the energy required.

160 Amp Dual Voltage DC Input Welder IGBT Inverter Welding Machine is considered to have the advantage of controlling hot arc current. This feature dramatically enhances the arc start function.

Thanks to its high power and characterized as a stick welder, it helps you to work on both a thin and a thick surface. So, the requirement varies from home improvements, car repair, to moderate metal manufacturing work.

For household repairs and other small welding jobs, the Amico 160-amp stick Weld with IGBT inverter technology can be useful. The unit is, more than its handling ability, secured against the current that can cause a burn or internal harm to the system.

best welder for beginners;amico amico power dc


I would like to say that you need a generator up to 5000 watts at maximum 160 amp of welder output, which produces 4500 watts continuously.



Welding tips and tricks for the beginners

As a beginner you may find it difficult to start your first project. The following tips and tricks may help you for your first project.

Know the fundamentals of welding

The welding process is easy and it consists of heating two metal parts to the point of melting. Then molten fluids mix into the welding pool and become one of the molten metals are solidified.

Typically, a third metal element also called a filler, is applied to the total weight and is melted along with the two primary metals.

Depends on the welding method selected, these fill metals are either electrode, filler rod or continuously fed wire.

If properly handled, a welder should have no imperfections such as pinholes and fasten well on its outer borders with the base metals. A strong weld can also penetrate through the base metals and fuse them fully.

Play with the puddle

A puddle is formed from melting the filler material—the secret to welding. Play with the puddle (without joining metals). If you wait too long in one spot, you might burn a hole or stuck your welder through your base metal. The speed and distance between the steel and the base you are travelling are very important. Very close and the rod holds, but too far and it splits or breaks up the arc. Likewise, the filler material cannot be consumed at an acceptable pace while moving too rapidly or too slowly, resulting in a thin, inconsistent welder.

Decide which welding method to learn first

Keep in mind; there is no single method of welding that is best for all applications. 

Given the three best methods, they are cross-over, but also there are some aspects that each works better than the other two.

In the case of Chromoly, metal, copper, magnesium, titanium, etc., TIG welding is the right choice. The MIG or TIG method is required to weld the aluminum. But you’re going to need an iron cast stick welder.

Whether you prefer to weld steel or stainless steel, you may select all three methods Please bear in mind that welding steel with a TIG welder takes much longer than a MIG or stick welder.

You do not want MIG welding steel while you’re welding outside or in the draining areas unless you first turn onto a feeder wire.

Don’t be bullied by the options because the hobby welders almost exclusively work with steel This limits your choice of Electrode or MIG welding methods.

You’ll have a more comfortable stick welding if you intend to weld up to 1/4′′ to 5/16′′ high, outdoor and barn metals with open doors on the farm or the ranch.

You may first want to learn to MIG weld if you work on thinner steel and are at home with almost no breeze to talk.

Prepare for the Weld Before Starting

You should do some stuff before starting a welding that makes you succeed.

Clean the surface of your tool. Try to put the bare metal down. Use sandpaper or a wire brush to clean it and then use a metal cleaning product.

  • Use a primer for the area you’ve cleaned. You’ll want to put a protective shield on it because you have just stripped the metal down. The welding first prevents rusting or corroding of the surface.
  • On the end of the wire search for a disk This is going to be a bad start to your welding and something you want to avoid. Break it off with wire cutters when you find a ball there.

Use the Correct Wire for Your Project

Choose the best wire for your welding metal thickness. Using a smaller wire diameter for thin metals. Using a bigger wire for thick metals. Make sure that you fit the metal type with the wire type. Use aluminum wire, for example, when you are welding aluminum. Find the right travel speed

The right speed of movement holds the arc at the top third of the puddle. Neither you can travel too fast nor too slow. Too slowly, the welding will put too much material in the puddle and produce a convex weld bead, which sometimes does not have sufficient penetration and appears to be positioned on the surface of the base metal. This also helps to trap heat in the puddle, which weakens the weld. Welding too easily allows a thin bead that can weaken and form the surrounding metal This may also build a bead that is inconsistent as the puddle attempts to hold the welder up.

Set yourself up for success

Staying in a welding position might be difficult sometimes. It depends on the size and scope of your project. However, set up a small welding area in the centre. We prefer a metal table or something.

Sit down flat on the table in front of your base metal. Get good at making good beads consistently from a comfortable spot.

When your welding quality is good enough, and you feel confident, fill together two pieces of metal from one side to the other, leaving a little gap between them and practice welding.

Have one piece of metal put perpendicular to it on the table, so that you have made up an upside-down T. Where they meet; they weld two base metals together.

The lap joint is also common. You can do this by putting two pieces of steel upside down and slightly moving the top piece to one side.

Weld them at the point where the top portion edge is running around the underside. You are on the road to being a welder when you get well welding these three kinds of joints.

Use ergonomic welding solutions

Welding is a physically difficult activity, so use the body appropriately to prevent long-term injury. Other ways to improve your comfort include having a safe and secure job that you can remain in for a while, use lifts and tables to carry low work rates, storing tools so you can quickly access them and lower the shield of your welding helmet by hand rather than with the head jack. Strain can quickly contribute to muscle tension, so it is important to relax and release.

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