What is the best welding helmet for beginners in 2020 | reviews & buyer’s guide

Welding helmets are used most commonly for arc welding such as shielded arc welding, arc welding, and arc welding of metal gas. We ought to avoid arc face, which is painful when the cornea becomes inflamed. Unprotected sensitivity to the ultraviolet and infrared extremely focused rays released by the welding arc is the explanation for both conditions. Sunburn-like condition in a relatively short welding time can be often impaired by ultraviolet emissions from the welding arcs.

There are several brands in the market, but finding the best one for the beginners is difficult. Our article will help you find out the suitable one for you.

Miller, Hobart, Lincoln, Jackson’s safety are the most reputed brands that are appreciated by many experienced welders. But if you ask me to recommend one welding helmet, I would recommend the 3M Speedglas Welding Helmet. Now, Let’s find out the best welding helmet for beginners.

Top 5 best welding Helmet for Beginners in 2020 | reviews and buyer's guide

1. 3M Speedglas Welding Helmet 9100, 06-0100-30iSW, with ADF 9100Xxi | best overall

Is there a better way to see what you are welding? Wouldn’t more natural color and contrast help? We think so, that’s why we proudly present the new 3m speedglas welding filter 9100 XXI.

It is a shade three light state though the filter appears lighter and less green allowing you to more readily recognize colors and contrasts even in the dark state. You can also select the dark shades of the lens from 5, 8, 9 through 13.

The side windows will make you thrilled, and the welding process becomes enjoyable as it gives you great visibility to your surroundings. The headgear also fits comfortably and remains tight.

Exhaust vent will not let your helmet be faint as it will expel the air from your helmet and keep you cool as well as comfortable. You can also adjust the head suspension according to your comfort.

Sustainable polycarbonate is used to make the mask. The material is extremely heat-resistant. It has a strong effect on power and scratching resistance. that’s why it is the top pick and considered to be the best welding helmet for beginners.

When welding, you see contours better clearly more colorful, just one of the many ways the speed glass 9100 XXI filter may help you be more precise and productive compatible with all 3m speedglas welding helmet series 90 100.


Yes, you can fit a pancake respirator underneath.



2. Antra AH6-260-0000 Solar Power Auto Darkening Welding Helmet with Wide Shade Range 4/5-9/9-13 with Grinding Feature Extra Lens Covers Good for TIG MIG MMA Plasma| best budget welding helmet

This is an utterly operational mask and one of the cheapest welding helmets on the market, which works for MIG and TIG welding methods alike. Considering the price and the features in this range anyone can easily say, it is one of the best welding helmet for beginners.


It provides plasma technologies and has a slurry feature that improves the efficiency of the welding process for the beginner.


It supplies the Big Viewing Scale 3.86″X1.73″ with 4 Premium Sensors. The one I admire is the two replaceable CR2032 solar cells.


The grind mode and adjustable sensitivity features are also available. The softness is so lightweight that it is perfect for long periods of welding, but not for longevity, so I will not use it for heavy welding or overhead welding applications. The biggest downside is the limited viewing space.


It’s so easy to use this lightweight welding helmet for grinding, cutting. This helmet is fantastic, no matter what you do. Instead of buying different masks for each job and any particular form of welding. MIG, MAG, SMAW, TIG as well as plasma welding, you can have this one which will save you a lot of money. 


When the electric malfunction occurs, the viewfinder will turn to a super dark shade 16 immediately and automatically. It helps you to work securely and comfortably with even more ultraviolet and infrared security than you do when you are working.


Now, a helmet is available on the market, offering a wide range of features at a meager price. Since it’s so cheap, the bank will hardly break, which is even more enticing considering all the features we’ve mentioned, that you’ll find hardly anywhere without much more.


It’s an automatic helmet. It will be turned off, putting it on grind mode.

Yes, many reviewers said they use gouging rods.

You can easily clean this with water and soft clothes. But be careful, do not scratch your lens, and do not damage electronic components.



3 Miller 281000 Digital Elite Black Welding Helmet with ClearLight Lens

Four arc sensors and four modes are available, welding, cutting, grinding, and XMode. X-Mode senses the weld electromagnetically to avoid sunlight interference and tracks the arc continuously even when it is blocks sensors.

You can easily change your head strap; for cleaning or adjusting lens, the whole front lens assembly can be removed and replaced the two batteries. The hood offers a weld option that you would hardly see on any other auto-darkening hood. That is XMode. 

The headgear does not meet the rest of the helmet’s standards. The hood stays straight when it is not in service, so it is convenient often. The placement of the sensor is excellent. If an arc is near the cap, even on the side and irrespective of obstructions, it is obscured. This helmet is guaranteed for three years.

Autosense prevents helmet sensitivity issues by allowing the welder to press the Autosense button and hold it to change the sensitivity of the helmet to its setting automatically.

The build quality and functionality were pleasing to me. There is a red blink in the grind that helps you to switch mode in case you forget to. You’ll love this hood if you weld and take more than just stuff in the garage to get your mate.

The headgear is a bit familiar, but it works when correctly adjusted. There is one optional helmet lighting kit on either side of the helmet.


Yes, grind, torch cut, and weld modes are available.

It weighs 18 oz, which is great for all-day working.

There are four sensors (Two upsides and two underneath the lens)



4 ESAB 0700000800 Sentinel A50 Welding Helmet, Black, 3.93 x 2.36 in. (100 x 60 mm) Viewing Area.

ESAB’s latest top welding helmet, the Sentinel A50, has been designed for consumers who take security and service very seriously. The ESAB Sentinel A50 welding mask provides the best protection and features possible with a wide viewing window, a standard lens, and exceptional comfort.

The clearness of the lens is so high that when welding, it appears too bright as if it is not darkened sufficiently. Although it seems simple, it covers your eyes and the corresponding shade in another helmet. This helmet has a pocket too.

The use of a welding helmet with an extensive sight range that gives you complete visibility to work without blockage is essential. With its 1/1/1/2 optical clarity and a large 9.28 square inches Area of visualization, the Sentinel A50 welding mask fulfills these expectations. 

Sentinel A50 has a variety of shades 5-13 that allows lower TIG level projects to be offered. In terms of switching between modes, ESAB developed the helmet even further. The Sentinel A50 will enable you to move to grind mode quickly, using an external mode grind button. Unlike many other masks.

The colored LED touchscreen has memory features to customize the settings on a button for different work: the clearness and the wider view area for tighter welding.

The HALO headgear is also just incredible and unique. It is a five-point headgear that is fully adjustable to allow the helmet to change its weight, lower the pressure, and improve the comfort of the long-term projects. For four sensors, you can be assured that the mask is very sensitive to shield your eyes against the arcs so that the light of the arc is not over.


It is exact blue color as if you have an impressive amount of visibility with your welding with the lights on this hood.

Though it is 1.4 lbs. the ergonomic headgear makes it so much comfortable as it distributes the weight well.

No, but the architecture appears to be smoking less



5. Optrel Crystal 2.0 Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet 1006.900 | best auto darkening welding helmet

The self-darkening Optrel Crystal 2.0 welding hood has a 2.0 light shade, unparalleled in the world for color and transparency. Optrel’s Autopilot adjusts the shade level automatically to the luminosity of the arc or blaze.


In fully manual mode and with a tremendous change in the shade between shades 4 and 12, the self-dark lens can also be worked for custom Arch views. The welding security headgear has a characteristic called twilight, which lightens the lens progressively to prevent fatigue for the eye.


The critical attribute of this helmet, with a name such as Crystal 2.0, is evident, and I can guarantee that undoubtedly it did not deceive. On the market today, most welding masks are given a light shade of approximately 3 or 4. The Crystal 2.0 gives welders a light shade of 2, as the name suggests.


The welding helmet Crystal 2.0 has also developed True Color technology that makes it possible to perceive color realistically in light or dark states. This is a complete 1 class for optical intensity, scattered light, uniformity, and angular dependence.


The Crystal 2.0 has external controls that move from welding to grinding and back again quickly and easily. The external knobs can also handle delay and sensitivity. Then the welding helmet does not need to be removed to grind. 


The sensitivity adjustment also helps the consumer to alter the sensitivity of the lens switching for different ambient light or external sunlight weld.


A low-profile breather might fit underneath it like LPR-100.

Your safety glasses may be cold out and fog up. So, we recommend you to use tented glasses.




Viewing area:

If you want to weld better, you have to see it better. Before choosing one, find out whether it has a large viewing area or not. It will help you to work efficiently.

When looking for an LCD, Welders usually want the viewing area wider. Yet a balance exists — the more extensive the vision, the louder and bulkier the helmet gets. It’s a compromise.

The shade of the lens

Two types of welding helmet are there in the market passive welding helmet and auto-darkening welding helmet.

Passive welding mask, with a UV and Infrared (IR) filter vision lens, usually # 10 shade. The filter offers the same safety level, irrespective of how many amplifications the light releases from the weld. Once a welder is ready, the helmet must be lowered to keep down the hammer with a swift nod or snap of his arm. Once work is done, the helmet must be removed by the welder. Though it is low expensive, we do not recommend the beginners this type of mask.

However, if you use just one form of material at the same thickness in most of your welding activities and if you still use the same method with a set amperage, then you need to buy something more than a regular shade # 10 helmet.

Auto-darkening lenses are today the preferred type on the market as opposed to passive glasses; they deliver greater versatility and enhanced productivity.

Switching speed

The switched lens speed or the reaction time indicates that when welding starts, the lens turns from its natural state to a shade of 3 or 4 and is usually measured at levels between 1/3,600 and 15,000 seconds. If your work needs several hours of welding at a time, the starting speed will cause tiredness in the eye until the end of the day. If that is the case, consider adjusting the speed of a welding helmet at an intermediate or advanced level.


And why be uncomfortable? Should not spend much of your workweek under a hood? A fully adjustable head harness with many points of adjustment, and standardized weight distribution make it comfortable.

 So, it is highly relevant that when you are welding, you protect your skin from UV and IR rays.


In several cases, a welding helmet would be ideal – as two tasks are not equivalent. It would be best if you considered A welding helmet for your specific application and site specifications. If you need overhead, a constant grinding flip-front, or adequate respiratory safety, you shouldn’t compromise with a helmet that’s just half the time.

Personal preference

All welding masks are meant to protect you from ultraviolet and infrared hazards from the welding arcs. The first question is whether you are going to use a helmet for a single job or others. Besides, budget, weight, display, and more are available. Most of all, pick the mask you like most and can wear it if needed for a long time. Extra time will reward profitability and sales quality for choosing the right suit.

Power options

There is a wide variety of power options available for an auto-darkening welding helmet. Lithium batteries have extended battery life, but they are costly. It is less convenient than AAA batteries. Several welding helmets offer non-replaceable batteries along with solar assist panels. While some provide replaceable batteries with solar assist panels. It is your personal decision which one to choose.

If you want less expensive one, go for AAA battery operated helmet and choose lithium for extended battery life.


The appearance of a helmet does not affect its performance. Sometimes a basic hood is perfect so that you can add your style, such as the helmets in 20 Impressive Helmet Welding Makeovers. If you like, this is something to take into account as you look for your helmet.


We recommend that you use a helmet weighing up to about 1.8 lbs.

Grind mode

Although cutting and grinding are used for commercialization purposes in the same breath, lens darkness is shade 3 for grinding and mode 7 for cutting.

Lens shades from 8 to 13 are used for standard welding.

A helmet without grinding feature has the additional trouble for the worker to remove the helmet to see naked eye grinding work.

Before purchase, beginners need to confirm this argument, which is so important to eye care.

Final verdict

Hope this article will help you find the best welding helmet for beginners. If you are searching for a cheap one, Antra AH6 is going to be the best choice for you. Though our first choice is 3M speedglas all the other four helmets will suite you as a beginner. We only review the best one that have been tested by the experts.

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