Best welding helmet for sensitive eyes | top 5 reviewed with buying tips

Eye infection developed by exposure of UV rays either it is natural or artificial ( e.g. electric arc during welding) photokeratitis.

Most of the welders are facing a crucial problem that is sensitive eyes. Their eyes usually pain after several hours of welding and it may remain for a couple of days or weeks. In most of the cases it is welding light sensitive which means getting exposed to welding light causes pain in the eyes. But bright sunlight or anything like that don’t bother eyes.

You may have consulted many eye doctors to get help but it didn’t help. Dry eyes become drier after welding. You may have spent a lot of money to get results but all of them are waste. So, in this article, we will try to help you out from the problem.

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What might be the causes?

  • Standing over the work

Standing over the work may result in getting the fumes into your eyes. The UV rays encountered from your welding machine while welding may cause sensitive eyes.

  • Straining your eyes

Some people darken their hood too much which causes straining the eyes. Make sure you are using the correct shade while using different welding processes.

As a rule of thumb, start with a shade that is too dark to see the weld or cut zone. Then go to a lighter shade which gives sufficient view of the weld or cut zone without going below the minimum. In oxyfuel gas welding, cutting, or brazing where the torch produces a high yellow light, it is desirable to use a filter lens that absorbs the yellow or sodium line in the visible light of the (spectrum) operation.

Guide adapted from ANSI Z49.1, 1999. Tweet
  • Grinding dust, chemicals or high humidity

While grinding your workpiece the dust may get into your eyes and may cause problems. Either using chemicals or working in a mold environment also causes bothering your eyes.

  • The fumes

The fumes are directly responsible for eye disturbance. However, if you breathe fumes, it will cause you black snot. Besides, it has allergic reactions from its chemical composition due to the ozone that might bother your eyes.

  • Not blinking

It may sound strange but without blinking the tear duct doesn’t work resulting in dry eyes. While welding on thin materials welders usually don’t blink, especially beginners’ due to the fear of burn-through. They just keep staring at the weld until it’s finished.

How to get rid of

Use a welding helmet that is designed specially for welders who have sensitive eyes.

5 Best welding helmet for sensitive eyes

Antra is a well-known welding helmet manufacturer in the market. Despite that this DP9 model is less known to the welders. Only a few welding helmets are designed for helping people who have sensitive eyes. Antra Welding Helmet Auto Darkening DP9 is the best of them.


This wonderful looking welding helmet is providing a wide shade range 3/5-9/9-14. Most of the welding helmets provide shade range up to 13 which is not helpful for weldes having sensitive eyes. Shade 14 is mostly recommended for welders with sensitive eyes.

With its passive UV/IR filter harmful lights can’t be bypassed. Nonetheless, DP9 can block particles, debris, spatters, UV/IR radiant as it has a perfectly designed shield.

The digital functionality will make you thrilled and you have nothing to worry while working in a low light area because the slight blue hue makes it easier to see in such conditions.

The auto adjustable lens can be tuned as your comfort level. The sensors are only sensitive to welding arcs neither to sunlight nor workshop light.

The most impressive matter is you can do MIG, TIG, Stick and grinding and cutting as well with having this one helmet. You won’t need to buy a different helmet for your different jobs.

3m speedglas 9100 is a common model among the welders. There are only a few welders who have not heard the name of 3m speedglas. This awesome and lightweight welding helmet has blown away the welder’s mind by its performance and outlook as well.


This unit has been designed to protect your eyes, face and neck. And when it is about comfort the 3m speedglas 9100 has been standing out. 

The ADF technology is an awesome addition to keep the infrared and ultraviolet lights away from your eyes. This technology is superfast and simple too.

The built-in three sensors work together and continuously monitor for flashes or arc. As soon as an arc is produced the sensors respond quickly and darken in no more than 0.1 milliseconds.

It allows you to use the hood with MIG,TIG and stick processes and the grinding and torch modes are really great additions

This is one of the highest rated welding helmets on amazon. Thousands of welder’s have purchased this item yet having above 90% satisfaction. I also have used tons of welding helmets but none of them could make me thrilled like this unit.


If you have used different welding helmets before it will be easier for you to compare. This unit provides you a clear view of your weld bead with a large viewing area.

If you have sensitive eyes you should never use a cheap welding helmet. Your eyes are more important than anything. Ophthalmologists also don’t advise welders to use cheap welding helmets.

This auto darkening hood has a wide range of shade from 5 to 13. With all the good things it has one cons that is its weight which is 3.20 lbs.

The dashing looking hood will give you the feel of terminator. The twilight feature is one of the greatest additions to give your eyes most comfort.


The revolutionary crystal lens gives you the ability to see the weld bead as clear as it is. The most amazing feature you will love is it is really easy to switch between weld mode to grind mode, you don’t need to remove the helmet to grind.

The autopilot technology detects any brightness and automatically adjusts the shade level during any welding process.

You can use this professional welding helmet for all welding processes including microplasma Arc Welding.

What’s more, are you an aerospace welder and searching for a welding helmet? You can take optrel crystal 2.0 without worry.

The stylish welding helmet has a revolutionary shell design with a color touch screen control panel. High impact resistance nylon has been used to make this hood revolutionary.


The incredibly lightweight mask (1.4 lbs) with its comfortable headgear will definitely make you phenomenal.

You won’t need to remove the welding helmet while grinding as there is an external shade 4 grind button in the helmet.  

If you are researching for a couple of months to buy a helmet you may stop researching and get this one. 

This unit is much better than the well-known brands like lincoln, miller etc.

Additional considerations to protect your eyes while welding

Use dark clothes

Wearing dark clothes might help you a little bit as it will absorb the light and keep it down. There is a lot of welding jacket you will find in the market but if you have sensitive eyes you should wear welding jackets that is dark like Miller Electric 2241909 Welding Jacket or Lincoln Electric Split Leather Sleeved Welding Jacket 

UV rated goggles

Wear UV rated goggles to seal against your eyes properly. It will ensure you multiple layers of protection.our recommendation is SolidWork Safety Goggles.

Take shower

If there are burning kinds of feelings in your eyes and you feel better after taking drops, then the real culprit may be the dust. It may enter your eyes from the air, your clothes and your hair. Remove the goggles after taking shower that might help.


Blinking will keep your eyes wet thus helping your eyes to free from irritation.

Fume extractor

Using a fume extractor might help to blow the fumes away from you

Put a fan 

Putting a fan behind you results in blowing fresh air toward the back of your lid. You may use Hakko FA400-04 Bench Top ESD-Safe Smoke Absorber.

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