Welding with primeweld tig225x | ultimate guide and reviews

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primeweld tig225x review

First impression

Primeweld 225x is externally made very well. All the parts including corner brackets, DINSE connectors are fitted properly with the machine. Most surprisingly you will find that the knobs are tight enough to hold the switches in place tightly. Despite that, you may feel resistance while turning the knobs.

Overall the look of the machine and the external features are well fitted to prove the proverb “the first impression is the last impression”.

Unboxing of Primeweld tig225x

Key features

  • Dual voltage (110v/220v)
  • TIG/stick switchable
  • Operates Both on AC DC power source
  • IGBT technology allows less power consumption
  • Standard 7 pin foot pedal
  • CK17 flex torch, as well as CK flex tubing and the CK Dinse connector, included 
  • Amazingly made flow meter
  • up/down slope time control

Primeweld tig225x review

The high-quality materials used by the manufacturer to build the product make it one of the best welders not only for the beginners but also for the professionals.

Most of the modern welders have got some absolute requirements and this wonderful welder has been made to fulfill a greater portion of them.

Weighing 90 pounds it is quite difficult to move it from place to place but a handle is provided that can help you to move the unit. Otherwise, you will need a cart. But if you are searching for a home welder, the weight won’t matter.


The built-in power width modulation technology is provided to ensure all the control of power flow to your workpieces at an arc gap while arc welding. 

While the IGBT technology gives you effective control over your welding machine along with less power consumption.

Capabilities of the unit

This versatile unit is capable of doing various types of metal welding with different thicknesses. It will work great with aluminum, titanium, mild steel, nickel alloy, copper along with stainless steel with varieties of thickness.

Arcs control

The high frequency (HF) start of this unit will give you proper control over the start/stop arcs. It is important to get a proper start, avoid arc strikes, and better arc control while you are welding either stainless steel alloys or thin metals.

Pulse function

While welding thinner metals and non-ferrous metal, for example, aluminum, magnesium, copper, titanium, nickel alloy, you will need to pulse the current at a higher speed. It will both constrict and focus the arc to reduce the carbide precipitation. 

thus, it stabilizes the arc and gives you proper penetration along with the travel speed. It causes decreased scrap rates and post-weld grinding.

The metal thickness that can be welded

This unit will tig weld ¼ inch aluminum along with ⅜ inch mild steel. And as mentioned earlier pulse function and HF start will allow you to weld thinner metals as well.

Duty cycle

  • Duty cycle 120welder

TIG 40% at 140 amps, 100% at 108 amps

MMA 40% at 120 amps, 100% at 76 amps

  • Duty cycle 240 volt

TIG 40% at 225 amps, 100% at 155 amps

MMA 40% at 180 amps, 100% at 139 amps

What’s included

A very good quality Ck worldwide 17 series tig torch with a flex head is included along with CK DINSE connector which is worth 150$. You will get these items along with the welding machine. However, if you want to upgrade from air cooling to water cooling option by purchasing the ck20 equipment, it allows you to do so. you may learn more about CK products by visiting Ckworldwide.

A high-quality standard seven-pin foot pedal is also provided which is super easy to use.

Tons of accessories such as electrode positioning system, arc voltage control, oscillator, seam tracking device, feed wire mechanism, etc are also included which will definitely save you a lot of money.

What’s more, connecting cables are also included along with hoses for gas and water supply.

Why you should buy this

The illustrious power and the control of this welder is an option to decide to purchase it. Most of the welders in this price range do not provide the adjustability like this unit.  

This thoroughly impressive welder is giving you tons of features with a great value that is under 1000$. You may find welders having the same features but will make you lose 1500$ to 2000$.

You will find only a few welders in the market having above 90% positive reviews. 95% of the users are satisfied with this versatile unit. While the majority say it is a commendable product then you should not be worried before purchasing it.

What’s more, primeweld provides great customer service with a three years warranty. Even, they are more than happy to pay for the shipping cost if anything is wrong with the machine you find after purchasing.

Who should buy this

This is the perfect choice for beginners and DIYers and hobbyists welders. Even the professionals will be able to weld with this machine within a limited range.

This versatile welder will allow you to do both tig and stick weld. If you don’t want to spend more buying two different welders for tig and stick, it could be the best choice for your money.

Being heavier it may be difficult to move if you don’t have any cart, but making it one of the best tig welders for home use


  • Dual voltage
  • Tig/ stick switchable
  • Tons of accessories included
  • Great customer service
  • Both AC/DC compatibility 
  • 95% positive reviews
  • Affordable ( considering the features)
  • Versatile
  • Allows to weld varieties of metal
  • Provides great control 
  • Awesome duty cycle
  • High-frequency start
  • Modern welder


  • You may find the foot pedal uncomfortable 

Ahp alpha tig 200x vs primeweld tig225x

The main competitor of the primeweld 225x is Ahp alphatig 200x. Both have the same features, having the same price.

Considering the weight, primeweld (90 lbs) is 20 pounds heavier than Ahp alpha tig (70 lbs). It may be due to the transformer of the primeweld 225x being heavier.

Both of the units provide 3 years warranty along with similar quality pipes, torch, and cords.

The ground clamp is not that high quality in both the welders. So, I’d like to replace the ground clamp in both cases.

The powder-coated foot pedal is great having no dissimilarity.  

The similarities make it difficult to decide whether to go for Ahp alpha tig or primeweld tig225x.

Both are great options, but alpha tig would be the best choice for beginners while primeweld provides accuracy and better performance.

None of them will make you feel regret.

If you want to learn more about AHP alpha tig 200x you can visit the link below

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